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Roof Replacement Process

Our roofing replacement process has been used for decades and is the standard for flat roofs. You can get a basic roof replacement or go for the recommended 30 year manufacturers warranty for a better piece of mind knowing that you wont have to worry about your roof for many years. When buying steps 1-4 you get a 8 year manufacturer’s warranty. When purchasing the additional steps 5 & 6
you get a 30 year manufacturer’s warranty.

Step 1:

We tear off all old original roof materials down to the original wood

Baltimore Flat Roofing Replacement

Step 2:

We Lay waterproofing base sheet

Baltimore Flat Roofing Replacement Waterproofing Layer

Step 3:

We follow by adding densdeck roof insulation board

Baltimore Flat Roof Replacement Insulation Board

Step 4:

We install the rubber roof

Baltimore Flat Roof Installation

Step 5:

Install Bleedtrap which is an additional primer

Baltimore Flat Roofing Replacement Primer

Step 6:

Our Final Step is finishing the roof with Sherwin Williams roof coating.

Baltimore Flat Roofing Replacement Coating

We also service: TPO (Thermoplastic Polyolefin) , PVC and shingled roofs
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